Friday, 4 December 2015

Christmas Spirit......where are you?

The mild weather, means no snow, which is just fine with me, does little to help me get in to a Christmas mood, or maybe it is just an age thing.  Anyway, just having wrote that I have done some shopping for my Great Grands.   Also, decided to dig out some decorations,  so now I have a wreath on the front door, a display of snowmen in the kitchen, silver reindeer on the dining room table and a nativity scene in the front hall.   It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  I am going to wait a week or two before I buy a poinsettia and put up a small tree.

Have now decided to give my partner's Grands a home made pillow and a gift card, and we have been invited to an Open House at my former neighbours later this month, so want to make them a couple of festive mug rugs.  Still working on  DD1's quilt, why do a choose a pattern with so many small pieces?.....I love how complex the quilt looks when it is finished.  So in the sewing room this afternoon.

We are suppose to have a lovely weekend, sunny skies and mild temps, just hope that a late start at this time of the year does not mean Winter will still be with us in April. 

Gotta go. getting my hair cut this morning.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Six More

Those of you who have followed my previous blog, recall I have two adopted GD from China.   In 1998 the adoption agency sent six "parents to be", including my daughter, her hubby and myself to finalize the procedures.   Since that time these six couples, who now have two daughters each, have had a yearly reunion. 

The girls adopted in 1998 will soon be 18 years of age and going further afield to continue their education, travel etc.    Because they have a unique relationship I did not want them to loose touch with each other....I know, I know....... there is social media, but that is so impersonal.  So what does a quilter do.....she quilts.

Last year at the reunion I had each girl write something and sign a 6 1/2 inch block of fabric, then over the Winter/Spring I made six quilts using these blocks along with others to make a memory lap size quilt for each of them. 

Only four families were able to come to the reunion this year, a picture below shows the girls holding their quilts and me in the centre.   As each girl opened their gift bag, my partner, Dave noticed the  look of disappointment on the faces of their sisters.  When we arrived home he said, "you have got to make six more quilts for their sisters", the expressions on their faces moved him that much.

This Winter guess what I am making, yes..... six quilts for the siblings.  Trying now to decide what to put on them,   thinking, maybe a photo of all twelve girls and embroidering their names.

Today is damp and cool, however, I will accept it for the 1st day of December.

Have a great day.