Friday, 6 November 2015

Autumn Weather

After several glorious, almost Summer temperatures and sunshine, today we have showers and quite windy at times.  The remaining leaves on the trees are falling fast and furious, so we know what our weekend job will be.  The lawn at the present time has a beautiful carpet of golden yellow leaves covering it.

Doing some deep cleaning in the den/library this morning and then some sewing this afternoon. 

Our past government, in it's wisdom to save money, has eliminated door to door delivery of our mail, and erected community mail boxes.   Our new government has now reversed the decision, however, those households who have already received their keys and are now picking up their own mail, will continue to do so, those who have not, will get the home delivery.  What a mess.   I can see a lot of issues arising from this.

Personally, I like the idea of picking up my mail, it is in a secure place, it is dry and will not blow all over the place. 

Do you have door to door delivery.

The down side of this is the jobs lost by the mail carriers, what will they do now.   Jobs are gone and are never expected to come back.   So where do they find new employment, so many people are looking for work, their chances are slim to none.  So glad I am no longer in the work force.

Must get moving, have a great day.


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  1. I'm so glad to have found you again Patricia! Tonight I've been doing some 'housekeeping' on my bloglist when I realized that during all my busyness these past few months I lost touch with you after you had problems with your former blog.

    Hope we can keep in touch now you are settled in your new home. Sounds like things are going well with traveling and keeping busy with your sewing projects, leaf raking etc. We're doing the latter here - they are really coming down now the weather is cooling a bit.

    Hope you can stop my blog and catch up with me again.
    Happy weekend, Mary.