Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Home again

My partner and I have just returned from a three week vacation to Newfoundland, Cape Breton, N. B. and N. S.  We had a great time visiting the site where the Vikings first set foot on what is known today as Newfoundland.  Weather was cold, snow and sleet, which is to be expected when one is near the south shore of Labrador, however, it improved as we headed south.  Museums were are on list of things to do and we saw lots of those.  Ate some lobster chowder and scallops all caught in local waters. 

We did not make any reservations for anything on this trip just "flying by the seat of our pants."  Only one little BIG miscalculation in the km's to get to the ferry, we covered a lot of ground by exceeding the speed limit just a bit.  One night we left if too late to find a hotel so were floundering around in the dark even though we had a GPS.  We did find accommodations, I use the word "accommodations" very loosely, and we decided that we would not leave our room until morning, so dinner???  consisted of some meager offerings from the cooler we carry with us.  We have had some good laughs from that experience.  Lessons learnt for our next vacation, check distance twice and on Saturday's find a hotel early in the afternoon.

I am now settled in my new to me home, and now back in the sewing room to finish two lap quilts for the girls in my second youngest granddaughters group when she was adopted.   Also have to finish a couple of comfort quilts for the guild and my eldest daughter's quilt, so at least two hours in the afternoon's will be spent sewing.   We have a lot of trees on this property, and soon the leaves will be falling in earnest and we pick them all up, a lot of time will be spent outside doing that task, so want to get a head start on those sewing projects.

Have a great day.


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